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Expert Refinishing and Replacement Services

Imagine replacing a tub or a countertop without professional help. We understand it's a messy and an intrusive job and it can take days to even weeks for a replacement job to be done elaborately while costing you thousands of dollars.


When you consider us to resolve your refinishing concerns, we can help with low cost services, while maintaining the high quality and reliable standards you expect.

Choose from a variety of services

  • Installing vanities

  • Bathtub refinishing and repairs

  • Countertop refinishes and installs

  • Shower and sink fixtures and repairs

  • Placing and fixing of wall tiles

  • Repair nicks and chips at no cost for you

  • Perform major repairs also

Specialty chemicals used for quality refinishing and durability

A-1 Home Services uses specialty chemicals formulated solely for the refinishing industry. These help in refinishing your tub into any color you desire for porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs. You can be assured that our experts will use these chemicals carefully on porcelain, fiberglass, ceramic tile, laminate countertops and synthetic material countertops.

Looking for quick bathtub refinishing services? 99% of the time it takes us just a single day to get your bath tub refinished. Turn to us to save you time, money and aggravation.


Get any color bathtubs and countertops in the Sherwin Williams palette.

Don't wait to call us for a wide range of bathtub and countertop services in the Oak Ridge, TN area. Get your FREE estimate when you call today.


Rely on us for a well-finished job

  • Use duct fans to suck out the chemical smells and dust

  • Set a plastic sheeting as a vapor barrier

  • Avoid cleaning grout tiles with our ceramic tile fixing on your bathroom walls

  • We make it all one color and create a brand new look

  • Midwest Chemical products used for refinishing cure to a rock hard finish with 99% gloss retention

  • Create textured bottom for slipping prevention, making it safer and prettier

Premium Bathtub and Countertop Refinishing Services

Well finished bath room Placing of wall tiles